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Fixer EP

MONOELS / Less n Less / 11. 2013

MP3 KRW 2,000  
WAV( +MP3 ) KRW 4,000  
1 Fixer MONOELS 8:16
MP3 KRW 1,000
WAV KRW 2,000
2 Bocuma MONOELS 6:51
MP3 KRW 1,000
WAV KRW 2,000
Fixer EP by Monoels

01. Fixer (Original Mix)
02. Bocuma (Original Mix) 
Less n Less 레코드의 첫번째 앨범의 주인공인 Monoels Monoels 는 AudioVisual 라이브를 선보이는 아티스트이며 서울을 베이스로한 새로운 테크노 프로듀서이자 VJ 이다. Fixer 와 Bocuma 두 오리지널 트랙이 담긴 Fixer EP 앨범은 미니멀리즘을 바탕으로 어레인지한 아날로그 신디시스 사운드를 기반으로 구성력있게 만든 트랙으로 Less n Less 의 Soolee 가 디렉터로 참여해 그의 첫번째 앨범에 참여하였다.

프로그래밍을 통한 오디오와 비주얼이 함께하는 퍼포먼스로 차세대 아티스트로 발돋움할 Monoels 의 행보를 주목하길 바란다.

First release on new label made by Soolee and Less n Less records which is one of the best  underground Techno/House DJ / Producer / VJ collective in South Korea.

We are very pleasure to announce our first EP album of Monoels who is new Korean Techno producer and VJ based in Seoul. Soolee is participated building his album. His sound is based on minimal arrangement, deep analog synthesis sound also work with interactive architect of visual programming.

Monoels also do audio visual using programs like Quartz Composer and Ableton Live and developing his own technics and his work of sound installation is in progress.  


Monoeles - Fixer (Teaser Video)


Monoels is a progressive techno producer and AudioVisual artist. In his live performances he combines his musical and visual productions. He works as a VJ and lighting designer in Korea and works with many popular DJs and clubs. Monoels’ interest in audio visual performances has led him to study and develop techniques in programs such as Quartz Composer and Ableton Live.He is currently in the process of developing a new sound installation.    


WeSa Festival 2014